Influence of the local social environment on schooling decisions – ILSESD
Submission summary
Education is not only a learning process but also a decision process in the sense that, throughout the education path, individuals have to choose which school to enroll at, which track to follow, or which class to attend. These decisions intervene very early during the education process. At that age, the local environment is expected to have a great influence. In this context, France is among the countries where social reproduction in school is the highest. In order to better understand social reproduction in school and to design the policies that would best contend with it, it is crucial to measure the causal influence of the social and academic environment throughout the individual education process. To meet this overall objective, this project will proceed with three questions. First, what is the effect of neighborhood peers on track choices? Second, what is the impact of urban policies on school choices? Third, what is the impact of the overlap between urban and education policies?
LEM Lille - Economie et Management
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Duration of the scientific project
Beginning: April 2022 - 48 Months